”You trade Kevin Durant… It’s the others around him that have done him a disservice”


Kendrick Perkins has suggested the Brooklyn Nets trade Kevin Durant after the latter’s bold comments on the team. During a sit-down with Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes, KD sounded off about the roster the Nets have built around him. He said:

“Look at our starting lineup. Edmond Sumner, Royce O’Neale, Joe Harris, [Nic] Claxton and me. It’s not disrespect, but what are you expecting from that group?” Durant asked of B/R. “You expect us to win because I’m out there.

Perkins defended Durant’s rant. The former player-turned-analyst thinks that KD has given his everything to the franchise, but Brooklyn has been unsuccessful in building a contending team around the former MVP. Here’s what Perkins said on ESPN’s NBA Countdown show:

“You trade Kevin Durant if you’re Sean Marks. You do him a favor… KD has been reliable since he has put on the Brooklyn Nets uniform. He’s been available. He’s been a walking bucket. He has given everything and more. It’s the others around him that have done him a disservice.”

Perkins added:

“If I’m Kevin Durant, I’ve run out of patience. I’ve given them more than enough time to try to fix things… If you’re Sean Marks you’ve got to atleast think, ‘I’m not gonna waste his time, let me think about the future.'”


The Brooklyn Nets aren’t close to being nearly as good as their conference rivals. Their big-name trade moves like James Harden and Ben Simmons haven’t been successful. The Nets haven’t been able to create a balanced roster around Durant.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving’s off-court antics have only hampered the Nets’ chances of doing better. Apart from injuries, Irving has missed games due to suspensions this season (antisemitic row) and last year (anti-vaccination stance). Brooklyn doesn’t have a well-balanced roster and they’ve only gotten worse this season.

They recently witnessed a new low in the Kevin Durant era after losing to the Sacramento Kings 153-121, the most points they’ve allowed in franchise history in regulation time.


Kevin Durant opens up on offseason trade request

Kevin Durant shook the NBA this past offseason after demanding a trade. The Brooklyn Nets had a terrible 2021-22 season, despite being the preseason favorites to win it all.

Kyrie Irving’s suspension due to his anti-vaccination stance early in the season, James Harden’s departure at the trade deadline and new addition Ben Simmons being on the sidelines hampered the team’s chances of postseason success.

Brooklyn suffered a series sweep loss against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs. The unrest surrounding their roster peaked in the offseason with growing speculation about Irving’s future with the franchise. He eventually stayed, opting into his player option after the Nets refused to offer him a max deal.

Multiple reports suggested these issues might have driven Kevin Durant to request a trade. However, during his interview with Bleacher Report, KD hinted that the team culture played a role in his desire to seek a move out of Brooklyn. He said:

“I went to them and was like, ‘Yo, I don’t like how we are preparing. I don’t like shootarounds. I like practices. I need more. I want to work on more s**t. Hold me accountable…

“This was the type of s**t I was coming at them with. It wasn’t like, ‘Yo, y’all need to make sure everybody around me can make my life easier.’ Hell nah, I want to make everybody else’s life easier.”

Despite the struggles, Durant told Bleacher Report that he is happy with the Nets. Durant seems to have a solid relationship with new coach Jacque Vaughn and is enjoying the process of mentoring young players on the Nets roster.

A trade move until next offseason seems unlikely. However, the Nets may have to consider rebuilding if there’s no significant progress this year. Moving Durant would help them secure decent draft compensation and blue-chip prospects.

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Click here to read Durant’s interview with Bleacher Report.

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