Wilt Chamberlain’s Disco Suit Up For Auction, Bids Start At $20K


Wilt Chamberlain’s two-piece leather disco suit is on the block at SCP Auctions, and bids start at $20,000. “This lot offers one of the most unique items in the sports memorabilia realm in this Wilt Chamberlain personally owned and heavily worn two-piece disco suit from the 1970s,” the description reads.

“The full leather suit is one-of-a-kind and certainly large enough to fit Wilt’s 7-foot-1 frame. Both the blazer and the suit bottoms are affixed with horse hair and feather tassels for extra flair.”

The blazer and pants are in “wearable condition” and come with horse hair and feather tassels attached. Of course, the designer used stones and leather instead of buttons. The leather disco suit has yet to receive a single bid.

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SCP Auctions

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