Why Is It Worth Betting on Basketball?


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In order to make money from sports betting at non GamStop bookmakers, you have to choose high-scoring sports! In addition to tennis, basketball is a good choice because there are a lot of points, and the odds vary significantly compared to football. Also, to make a living from basketball betting, you must be perfectly informed about the teams and leagues on Thegamepoint.io.

There are many leagues, and in some leagues, the home-field advantage is very strong, such as the Romanian league. Since the home team usually wins here, the providers often offer balanced odds because they cannot calculate which team is better.

You should also use the summer break to learn about the team changes. Professional tipsters are well informed about the changes and look at the first 2-3 games after the summer break in order to have more security afterwards. This means that the first 2-3 games after the summer break will not be typed, only analyzed.

Basketball Explanation

Basketball is a ball sport in which the ball is hand-held, and points are scored by sinking the ball into a so-called basket. Depending on the distance to the basket, up to three points can be scored with one shot.

  • Free throw: 1 point
  • Hits within the 3-point line: 2 points
  • Hits outside the 3-point line: 3 points

Basketball Betting Markets at Non GamStop Bookmakers

In the following, we will give you an overview of specific basketball bets and the most popular types of bets in basketball sports betting. The most common bet types are:

  • money line
  • Basketball spreads
  • number of points
  • Player Props
  • long-term bets

Money Line Betting Market at Non GamStop Bookmakers

In principle, the money line is the most popular type of bet in basketball at non GamStop bookmakers. It is about who wins or loses – including potential overtime, i.e. extension. The money line bet is, therefore a win bet without the option of a tie and is much more common in basketball betting than the 1×2 bet known from football.

Basketball Spreads – Handicap at Non GamStop Betting Sites

The spreads are comparable to the handicaps in soccer or the puck line in ice hockey. A team is given or taken away as many points as the non GamStop bookmaker deems necessary to offer balanced odds. For most European non GamStop betting sites, this means that in the end, there is a ratio of 1.91 to 1.91.

Number of Points

Because basketball is high scoring sport, betting on over/under a number of specific points is extremely popular. So it’s about the sum of the points that both teams score at the end. It is amazing how well the non GamStop bookmakers predict the limit here, because, like the spread, it is set in such a way that there is a balanced rate. 

Our basketball betting tip: In most cases, potential overtime counts towards the result.

Player Props

With player props, you bet on a player’s stats in a game. The number of rebounds, points or assists are included and often combined. Then the bet is “Will player X score more or less than [number] rebound/points”.

Outright Bets

Of course, you can also place sports bets in basketball on the possible champion. In addition to the champions, you can also bet on the team with the highest point average or specific players with specific season performances. The selection of long-term bets depends heavily on the non GamStop bookmaker and the desired betting market. There are significantly more NBA bets than, for example, bets on the German Basketball Bundesliga.

Live Betting

The live basketball bets are a real highlight. Since there are many points in basketball, there is constant change in the score and of course in the odds.

An NBA betting tip is to wait for the kick-off in games played by favourites and only place certain bets. If the supposed outsider gets off to a good start, the odds in the live bets become much more attractive than the pre-game odds.

In order to choose the right basketball live bet at non GamStop bookmakers, you should be very familiar with all the facts of the game, the rules and, of course, the current form of both teams. A live stream makes the assessment much easier. Some betting providers can even serve with it. The default is a match tracker with up-to-date stats.

Basketball Betting Odds

The odds in sports betting for basketball are comparable to those for football, handball or ice hockey. So there is a payout key between 93% and 95%. The exact value depends on the competition for the basketball bet and the chosen bookmaker not on GamStop. NBA bets usually have the best odds and the widest range.


The selection of relevant competitions for basketball betting is significantly smaller than for football. Nevertheless, there is not only the NBA for everyone interested in sports betting in basketball. The Basketball Champions League and EuroLeague are also interesting for you. As a rule, at least 30 different leagues and tournaments are available for basketball betting. The most popular among them are:

  • NBA
  • NCAA (College League)
  • WNBA (Women’s NBA)
  • Champions Laugue
  • EuroLeague
  • Bundesliga
  • Turkish league

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