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Warriors came up short against the Lakers in Game 1 for the Western Conference’s semifinals this past Tuesday night, as everyone is talking about Jordan Poole’s late missed attempt from far beyond the three-point line. Los Angeles ended up winning the contest 117 to 112 in San Francisco’s Chase Center.

With Golden State down by three with 10 seconds left to the final buzzer, the 23-year-old released a deep shot that left most NBA fans, players and analysts wondering why he’d try it from that distance.

Take a look at what Channing Frye said on air about Poole’s failed attempt, as Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton defended the player’s decision:

ESPN Hall of Fame broadcasters Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley both agreed as they analyzed the play late in the fourth quarter. “I don’t like that shot at all,” Shaq said, and later added: “Take one dribble.” As for his Inside the NBA co-host admitted that the young player “could’ve stepped in.”

Funny enough, before the game famous rapper Snoop Dogg was invited as a Lakers fan to preview this classic matchup, as he predicted that Poole should keep shooting because he’s gonna keep missing.

“We’re gonna be probably doubling Steph,” the artist predicted. “So somebody else is going to be open. Jordan Poole, keep shooting. I like the way you been missing, brother.”

His teammate Steph Curry, on the other hand, thought the shot was understandable considering the momentum of the game.“It was a shot he was open and flowing,” he said. “Considering how they guard us on that possession, you know, trapping me at the half court, Draymond (Green) swinging it over to him, it’s kind of an in-rhythm shot.

“I’m sure he felt pretty good about it. That’s why he shot it. There are no kind of regrets about that. It’s just a make-or-miss type situation and a lot of trust in him and his ability to put the ball in the basket.”

The Warriors stand by Poole’s shot and consider he did a great job against the Lakers

“I thought Jordan did a really good job,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “I have the timeout stuff, I saw them double-teaming Steph at half court, so I knew somebody was going to be wide-open if we could just get the ball out, and Steph did a great job.

“He got the ball out of the trap and Jordan was wide-open, and pretty good look, and you know, that’s a shot he can hit.”

During their last series against the Kings, Poole managed only 29.1% from the floor and 25.9% from beyond the rim, so he’s been losing confidence throughout these current playoffs.

His teammates remain optimistic as they know this series have only just begun. “I think this will be a series that will go his way and that’s great for us,” Draymond Green said.

As for the squad’s star, Curry knows it will be necessary for Golden State to thrive inside the paint as they try to outshoot Los Angeles.

“If we can rebound, going small is to our advantage,” he explained. “There’s probably three, four possessions where you can see we got a stop, we got the rebound, we got the push. Somebody was open. That’s kind of how we like to play.”

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