Tyrese Maxey considers limited games this season as ‘blessing in disguise’ amid tough foot recovery


Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

Despite a tough 2022-23 season that tested his availability, Tyrese Maxey is looking at the bright side of things and his scenario with the Philadelphia 76ers.

As such, he believes that the limited games he suited this year is considerably a “blessing in disguise” for him as he prepares and be conditioned for the postseason action this April.

“I feel great, not because I got hurt, but like, I didn’t play for a while,” Maxey said, per Ky Carlin of USA Today. “I think I looked at it, I’ve played like 40-something games so I haven’t really played that much. I‘ve only played like half the season. So I feel really good. You know? It’s a blessing in disguise I guess you could say.”

Before hitting this season, Maxey just missed 18 games throughout his career. But this year became much daunting as he faced recovery of his foot injury that kept him for 18-straight games from November to December.

As he made a return to the team, the Sixers plugged Maxey back to the lineup with less minute exposure and role. He went on to gradually ramp up himself back to competitive play and is now productive again in helping the club.

With around 17 games left to their regular season, Philly remains determined to continue fighting for a higher seed. In order to complete that, they need Maxey’s presence and production, who is averaging 20.2 points and 3.5 assists on a nightly basis.

“I feel really good,” Maxey added. “I’ll probably play, God willing, I’ll play all the games throughout the rest of the season and in the playoffs. So the body feels great.”

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