Tyrese Haliburton on coming off the bench for Team USA: We’re no better than legends before us


Photo: USA Basketball/X screenshot

Tyrese Haliburton, donning the Team USA jersey, understands the significance of representing his country on the global stage.

In a roster filled with star players, securing one of the five starting spots is a challenge, but for Haliburton, this is an opportunity to contribute to a rich legacy.

Reflecting on Team USA’s history, he acknowledged the legendary players who willingly accepted bench roles, putting the team above all else. Haliburton sees himself as no different.

“When you wear this uniform, when you play for Team USA, it’s so much bigger than you,” the Pacers guard said after the win against Greece. “You’ve got to understand that and recognize the legends that came off the bench before us. We’re no better than them.

“You’ve got to understand it and realize that it’s part of building a culture here for Team USA. They’ve been able to do that over the last how many years. So we’re just trying to continue that.”

In a recent game against Greece, the 23-year-old guard came off the bench and scored 9 points in 21 minutes of play.

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