Ty Lue talks about Team USA facing Greece


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Team USA is gearing up for a game against Greece, following their convincing victory over New Zealand (99-72) in the tournament opener. The Greeks, meanwhile, secured a solid win against Jordan (92-71).

Both teams recently clashed in Abu Dhabi during a World Cup preparation game, with Team USA securing a comfortable 108-86 victory over Greece.

Assistant coach Ty Lue, working alongside head coach Steve Kerr, offered his thoughts on Team USA’s performance in the New Zealand game and their upcoming challenge against Greece.

Reflecting on their first World Cup game, Lue emphasized its importance in acclimating to the physicality of international play and understanding how referees officiate these games. He lauded it as a valuable test for the team, leading to productive practice sessions and film reviews.

“I think after the first game just have the opportunity to see the FIBA game, to kind of feel real game, how physical the game is and how the refs are going to call the game. I think it was a good game for us, a good test for us,” Lue said.

“Yesterday we had a really good practice. Went over some film and kind of just cleaned some things on both sides of the ball. And then today, having a good shoot-around and preparing for Greece,” Lue explained.

Crucially, the assistant coach highlighted that Team USA is well-acquainted with the Greek style of play due to their recent encounter. “It’s a team we’ve seen already, so we know how they play. So I think our guys are ready to go,” he said.

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