Ty Lue reacts to Russell Westbrook passing Isiah Thomas in all-time assists


Russell Westbrook made 3 assists in the Clippers’ win over the Knicks which put him ahead of Isiah Thomas on the NBA all-time assist leaderboard.

With 9,062 career assists Westbrook is ninth on the list. Clippers head coach Ty Lue was asked about the milestone that Russ has achieved.

“What he’s done in his career is phenomenal,” Lue said. “Like I said, being MVP in this league. And people talk about the shooting or whatever, but to be ninth all-time in assist leader, but the biggest thing for me is I think he was a three-time scoring champ as well. Am I right about that? Two? Leading the league in scoring twice.

“He brings a lot to the game – rebounding the basketball, assists, his pace, being able to score the basketball as well. But the biggest thing I think for him is just getting Kawhi and PG those guys easy shots and attacking the basket and give us an offensive pace which he’s done for us.”

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