Trae Young talks coaching change, putting up more 3s


Photo: Atlanta Hawks/X

Here’s Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young speaking about head coach Quin Snyder/shooting more 3-pointers.

(via atlhawksfans):

Reporter: “How has it been with a full offseason and training camp with a new coach as opposed to when Quin came in late last year?”

Young: “It’s been a great offseason. We’ve been working really hard, doing a lot of new things and adding a lot of things that Quin likes. So it’s been going good.”

Reporter: “Do you have a way of kinda knowing or projecting how much of an impact he can make in his first year? Sometimes when a coach comes in with new philosophies and new expectations, it takes a little while.”

Young: “It’s hard to project. Sometimes it takes teams longer when you make a coaching change, sometimes you go to the Eastern Conference Finals when you make a coaching change. So, sometimes it’s different. It’s different for every other team, and it’s hard to project that.”

Reporter: “Your shooting percentages went down last year, but that’s compared to your career averages. My expectation is that it will go up. How do you look at that as like an off shooting year?”

Young: “It’s tough. If you look at my percentages every year, they’ve gotten better, and not points per game or assists per game necessarily, but my percentages except last year. So for me, it’s about getting back to what I do and just shooting the ball with confidence. I was taking a lot more midrange shots last year, and the summer before I really focused on that. That was a big focus on adding that. After seeing what CP (Chris Paul) did, leading his team, going to the Finals, and all that. So this year, focusing a lot more on getting back to shooting 3s, getting back to myself, jumping my percentages up, and all that. For me, I’m not really focused on that. I know I’m going to be a lot better than I was last year, and that’s saying a lot right there. So, I’m just trying to do that.”

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