Trae Bell-Haynes on Canada NT: “We did a good job, guys’ confidence is high”


Photo: Canada Basketball/X

Canada reaffirmed their formidable presence on both offensive and defensive fronts with a decisive 128-73 triumph over Lebanon.

Utilizing a wide array of strategies, Canada effectively registered points on the scoreboard, and their collaborative endeavors resulted in the establishment of a new FIBA Basketball World Cup record of 44 assists in a single game.

This remarkable display of teamwork propelled them to an astonishing success rate of 50 out of 70 field goal attempts, ultimately clinching a remarkable victory.

Following a modest 5-point performance in the first game against France, RJ Barrett rediscovered his scoring prowess, taking the lead for the team with 17 points and contributing 3 assists.

“I’m super excited that we kept our momentum from the game against France,” Trae Bell-Haynes said. “We talked about making sure that there wasn’t any fall-off. We did a good job, guys’ confidence is high. You could see that everybody was playing well and free.

“I hope we can continue to do that. All throughout the camp we talked about paint touches, kick-outs and 3-pointers after paint touches. Our offense starts with guys getting in the paint and making plays. Tonight we were able to do that at a really high level.”

Watch the game highlights between Lebanon and Canada in the First Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023:

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