Toni Kukoc: Basketball isn’t just a U.S. game


Hall of Famer and Croatian basketball legend Toni Kukoc emphasizes that basketball is no longer confined to the United States but has blossomed into a truly global game.

Speaking to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Kukoc shared his observations on how the NBA has transformed into a global phenomenon over the years.

“Right now, to be in the NBA is a global game that the best players all over the world are trying to come here and showcase their talent,” he remarked.

This sentiment reflects the monumental shift in the NBA’s landscape from predominantly American basketball to a diverse league representing talents from every corner of the globe.

Kukoc applauds the courage and determination of players worldwide who aspire to excel in the NBA. He notes that aspiring MVPs, top rebounders, and premier defenders from all nations aim to shine on the grandest basketball stage.

This international influx, combined with the enduring excellence of American talent, ensures that basketball has a promising future.

“Every year basically you have new guys and new talent that comes in and obviously with the talent that’s been here forever in the United States, I think basketball has a good future,” Kukoc concluded.

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