“This is the biggest season in the history of the Clippers franchise” – NBA analyst asserts with healthy Kawhi Leonard and Paul George the LA Clippers are championship contenders, mocks their nemesis LA Lakers


As the start of the season slowly approaches, expectations for the LA Clippers are starting to get bigger. With a stacked roster and the return of their All-Star tandem, the Clippers have quickly gone from being out of the playoff race last season to title contenders for the 2022-23 NBA season.

During the offseason, the LA Clippers got down to business and strengthened their squad. The team was able to re-sign key players. Nicolas Batum and Ivica Zubac both returned to Los Angeles during free agency. Forward Robert Covington was given a contract extension that secured his spot on the Clippers’ roster. Even before the offseason began, the front office was already making notable roster moves.

The Clippers were able to get one of the biggest steals of the offseason by signing former All-Star John Wall. With this signing, the Clippers have added a postseason veteran who can facilitate at an elite level. The team is stacked with capable scorers and shooters that could be a huge help in their quest for a title.

What’s more, their All-Star duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are expected to return this season. After missing the entire 2021-22 season, Leonard will make a return to lead the Clippers. George, on the other hand, struggled to stay healthy last season and only played 31 games.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe believes that the Clippers can win it all this season. He said:

“This is the biggest season in the history of the Clippers franchise.”

.@ZachLowe_NBA has HUGE expectations for the Clippers this year 👀 “This is the biggest season in the history of the Clippers franchise.” https://t.co/uuWR8IDUzU

He continued:

“This is year four of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Now injuries have cut short a couple of them years.

“This is the one. They are loaded, they are 15 deep. They’re the deepest team in the NBA, they have both their stars back. …This is the year and it has to come together.”

Fans shouldn’t sleep on the LA Clippers this season

This Clippers roster cannot be underestimated. The organization has made notable moves to keep themselves relevant and are a definite threat to come out of the West. While everyone was focused on the shenanigans that their Los Angeles rivals were doing, the Clippers quietly added more strength.

The LA Clippers struggled to get a spot in the 2022 playoffs and lost to the New Orleans Pelicans in the play-in tournament. It’s also worth mentioning that the team was able to get to that position without the help of their stars. While Paul George was able to play a few games throughout the season, it was mostly the role players that carried the team.

Other than George, no player averaged at least 20 points for the team. Reggie Jackson was the second-leading scorer with 16.8 points per game.

The LA Clippers now have players who know how to play their roles effectively. As Zach Lowe said, this will definitely be one of the most important seasons in Clippers’ history.

Edited by Gautam Aggarwal

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