“They Shameless for This”: Young NBA Fans Go Viral After Bizarre Jimmy Butler-Stephen Curry News


This season has been a great one for NBA fans. With numerous records being broken every other day, and nerve-biting finishes, fans do not seem to have anything to complain about. Fans from various states and countries have traveled a long way to witness their favorite players perform. Few such young NBA fans had recently attended the game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. The kids apparently came all the way from Argentina to watch their favorite player Jimmy Butler. However, Butler did not play the game due to a back injury. 

Although NBA buffs were feeling pity for them, a new picture of these fans attending a Warriors game, and rooting for Stephen Curry, has gone viral. The kids are now getting trolled on Twitter for switching teams and players in the very next game.

Fans troll young kids for switching from Jimmy Butler to Stephen Curry


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The young fans were in attendance for the recent game between the Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets. Soon after people found out these were the same kids rooting for Butler in the Heat game, NBA fans erupted. In a recent tweet from the Miami Heat, which showed a video of a young boy holding a poster, “Dear Jimmy: We flew over 4405 miles to see you play. Can we get a photo or a big face coffee?”. Fans loved the fact Butler took time to meet the young kids though he was out with an injury. 

Fans erupted after they found out the same kids were holding a similar poster with just Butler’s name replaced by Curry’s.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter: 


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However, there seems to be a theory online that the boy is a fan of Butler and the girl is a fan of Curry, although the poster says “We”. 

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Fans appreciate Jimmy Butler for meeting the kids


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The young kids both seemed excited and emotional to meet their idol. Butler doesn’t fail to get praise, both from fans and his teammates. Along with fans, former NBA player Jamal Crawford shared on Twitter, crediting Butler. Crawford mentioned, “Yesterday, this young kid was so hurt not seeing JB play.. Today, his life was made!!! Jimmy Butler is such a stand-up guy. This is what it’s TRULY about!”.

The Argentinian kids also took photos with other Heat players and got a signed jersey from Jimmy Butler. 

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