The strangest flopping ever seen in the NBA: Why did Malik Monk do this with a fan?


The Sacramento Kings beat the Golden State Warriors 122-115 in a game that will be remembered for being the Warriors‘ seventh straight away loss – and for the curious actions of Malik Monk.

The Kings point guard crashed into a spectator after receiving a block… and bounced back onto the court.

The image of Monk returning to the court as if he had been pushed from the stands did not take long to go viral and become much commented on social networks.

Why did Malik Monk flop in front of a fan?

There is no clear reason as to why he would over-exaggerate the contact with the crowd member in that way and he was seen saying something to the fan as he was helped to his feet by his teammates, before jogging back to his position.

Monk, though, did help his Kings earn the win with 12 points, one rebound and four assists.

The Golden State Warriors’ terrible form

Once attention has turned away from Monk and his antics, it will likely turn towards the terrible form of the Golden State Warriors who are having an extremely tough season so far, regularly losing matches that they would be considered favourites to win.

They have lost eight games this season and have won the other five. Whilst they are still in the middle of the standings, they would have expected to be much higher.

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