The Preseason 2023-24 NBA Power Standings


Although the new season only starts this month, the NBA has already made plenty of noise during the preseason. Here, Milwaukee decided to go all-out with star player Damian Lillard, Memphis secured a deal to add leadership and change Brooks’ defense, and Philadelphia is yet to trade their trump card, James Harden.

Each team has been vying to make the top spots with their additional plays and new roster, hoping to shake out the rust during preseason. Likewise, it’s also best for you to keep tabs on the latest, starting with the power standings below:

6. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers had a bumpy ride this preseason, but that isn’t stopping them from reaching sixth place in the power rankings. Finishing the preseason with a 2-4 record, the team has much to prove by getting into shape.

Additionally, the best asset this team has is its scorers. With LeBron and Davis on the roster, offense is a strong card other teams will have trouble against. Also, others, such as Austin Reaves, D’ Angelo Russell, and Rui Hachimura, are starting to emerge as strong offensive players.

5. Philadelphia 76ers

Although the team lost the Eastern Conference semifinals this year, they are still making headlines as the fifth in the power standings. Moreover, such defeat led the team to fire head coach Doc Rivers and choose former basketball guard Nick Nurse. In his previous campaigns, he held a Philadelphia team that has reigned for 54 regular seasons, earning himself a wealthy coaching experience and a high winning percentage.

Moreover, you can expect a rise in the Philadelphia 76ers odds as this team punched their way during the preseason games. The team also added new talents to their roster. Bringing back Mike Cott and James Ennis as quality wing options allows the 76ers more plays. Likewise, Zhaire Smith (2018’s first-round pick) showed his new athletic ability. With such, you can expect a refreshing look for the team, especially with a new head coach and roster.

4. Phoenix Suns

Although the Phoenix Suns also have new players on their roster, there’s no denying the power of their starters. With Beal, Booker, Okogie, Durant, and Nurkic – this team has plenty of depth in the upcoming season.

Aside from their star players, there are also note-worthy ones such as Yuta Watanabe and Jordan Goodwin, who have made names for themselves, especially in their latest game against the Lakers.

On October 19, Yuta Watanabe ended the first quarter with his own move – making a 25-foot three-pointer jump. Goodwin also added his three-point jumper during the third quarter. The Phoenix flew higher with a field goal of 47.3%, a 39.4% 3-point average, and a 50% rebound average.

3. Denver Nuggets

There’s no stopping the league champions, as they only try to make it uphill, even during this season. Moreover, who’s going to stop All-Star player Nikola Jokic? Not only this, he is also joined by all offense, Kristaps Porzingis.

Not only this, but the Nuggets can also take any rookie player and make him a headliner. Take Christian Braun, who wasn’t making big moves in the 2022 draft class. In the second half of the NBA finals last season, Braun showed his true colors and took over the game.

To tie the players together, professional coach Michael Malone understands each player’s strengths and oversees a winning system around each. With players and coaches all working towards winning, you will look forward to a heated game with the Denver Nuggets at its center.

2. Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks take second place, especially with records and stats unlike any other. Giannis Antetokounmpo alone earns 31.1% of points in all splits. He also reigns with the highest records in rebounds. This means that the Bucks have plenty of added power when you also count the records from other players.

Additionally, the Bucks have shown their power with the latest October 20 game against the Grizzlies. Although this game was the final preseason against the Grizzlies, it still highlighted the finishing touches with a 124-116 victory. What gave the Bucks their best lead was Brook Lopez’ 3-point shot in the second quarter of the game. Overall, ending the Bucks’ preseason games was a great way!

1. Boston Celtics

With wins against the 76ers, the Knicks, and the Hornets in their preseason games, it’s undeniable that the Boston Celtics earn the top spot. Against the Knicks, the Celtics towered with a score of 123 to 110, earning momentum as early as the first quarter with a score of 41. The Celtics continue to amaze with match statistics, earning 46 rebounds and 26 assists.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s all uphill for the Celtics. Recently, the team removed Ime Udoka for the entire 2023-24 season, pushing the rise of Joe Mazzulla. In the last three years, Mazzulla has started from coaching Division II to now becoming the Celtics’ new interim coach. Nonetheless, will this new development shake up the solid foundation of the Celtics, or will it be dramatic this season?

Final Thoughts

The past games, individual players, and the combination of the two make the team stand at the top of the power ranking. Moreover, such rankings can fluctuate as more games are held – and even more so once the season finally starts.

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