The NBA Is Reportedly Considering A Major Draft Change


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The NBA is always looking to tweak things here and there and make the league work more effectively and efficiently, for the good of the players, the teams, and the game.

But the latest proposal they are contemplating is a somewhat controversial one – and it could change more than just the NBA.

The NBA and NBPA are “expected to agree on” lowering draft-age eligibility from 19 to 18 in the new collective bargaining agreement.

While this might not seem like a major change, it’s actually a pretty huge deal because it will obviously lower the age needed to enter the league and, by doing that, it’ll also greatly impact college basketball too.


Lower Age, More Talent

The NBA currently follows a “one and done” rule that requires all basketball players in the league to play for at least one year in college.

With this change in the collective bargaining agreement, that won’t be necessary anymore.

As you can imagine, this will have a huge effect on the world of college basketball.

Future NBA stars will be able to go straight from their senior year of high school to the NBA, completely bypassing college.

This will create a talent drain in the NCAA and that is why so many college hoops fans aren’t super happy about this choice.

Some people have pointed out that these are changing just a couple of years before LeBron James‘ two boys will be ready for the league.

Yes, this could make the idea of James playing alongside his sons all the more likely.

High school basketball players all over the country just got very good news and scouts, agents, coaches, and front offices are now going to change the way they find their next superstar.

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