Tatum Deadlifts 495lbs, Gearing Up for Next NBA Season


If you ever doubted the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum’s commitment to his game, think again. A recent video has emerged of the NBA star deadlifting an astounding 495lbs for a total of five reps. Though the lift’s aesthetics might raise a brow, as the video caption rightly states, “495 don’t gotta be pretty.”

Jayson Tatum Getting in Shape to Drive Celtics to NBA Championship

Last season, the Boston Celtics made an impressive run. They battled fiercely, eventually falling 4-3 to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. The narrow loss no doubt left a mark, igniting a fire in Tatum to drive harder for that elusive NBA championship.

The off-season provides players an opportunity to recoup, rethink, and revitalize their game. For Tatum, it’s evident that his chosen path involves enhancing his physical strength. Such dedication isn’t solely for the sake of muscle display. It’s an integral part of preparing his body for the challenges the next season will inevitably present.

Video of Tatum deadlifting almost 500 lbs emerged on social media showing his dedication to the cause. While his form, may not be pretty, he still gets his reps out!

Tatum +800 for 2023/24 Regular Season MVP

Reflecting on the 2022/23 season, Tatum’s stats speak volumes. He clocked an average of 30.1 points per game, snagged 8.8 rebounds, and dished out 4.6 assists – all of which are career highs. Such figures hint at a player in his prime, fully engaged with his potential.

Now, consider this: BetOnline places Tatum’s odds at +800 for the Regular Season MVP. Could this provide good value with the work the former Duke star is putting in? That’s not for us to say, but we may be having a few shekels on ourselves.

Simultaneously, the Celtics, with Tatum at the helm, share the spotlight as +500 joint favorites alongside the Denver Nuggets for the NBA championship. These figures depict the weight of expectations and the faith of many in Tatum and his crew.

Transitioning from a budding talent to an NBA standout requires hard work, consistency, and grit. For Tatum, his rising stature in the league aligns with his personal growth and resilience. Every drop of sweat, every extra rep in the gym, and every weight added to that barbell underscores his unwavering resolve to lead the Celtics to victory.

Celtics Fans With Cause to Be Excited in 2023

It’s worth noting that beyond the sheer strength required to lift such an imposing weight, there’s a message. A statement, if you will. Tatum’s training videos send ripples across the league. Opponents, teammates, and fans – all take notice. It reminds everyone of the lengths he’s willing to go to, for team and personal glory.

In wrapping things up, Jayson Tatum isn’t just another player in the league. His recent feats of strength, combined with last season’s performance, set the stage for an exciting upcoming season.

The Celtics’ faithful have every reason to be optimistic, and with Tatum leading the charge, that NBA championship dream remains alive and kicking. The 495lbs might not have been pretty, but they surely were powerful. And in the high-stakes world of professional basketball, power often paves the path to victory.

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