Svetislav Pesic: “We are happy to be in Manila”


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On Saturday, the Serbian basketball team is poised to begin the 2023 FIBA World Cup by facing China, while coach Svetislav Pesic addressed the Serbian media.

“We are happy to be in Manila. My first impressions are that everything is great,” Pesic said. “The hall where we practiced, the hotel, the people around us… Now it’s time to think about the first game. We train a lot, and the focus is on the game.

“We didn’t spend many days on the court, but we used the time in Serbia to play some matches and some training matches. Now we have to present ourselves in front of the audience at the World Cup. We want to see how we will look when everything starts.

“As always, nothing changes, the first game is always the most important for us, as is every next one. We played the first game with China the other day, we know that we will play against a good opponent, with a good organization in attack, and a solid defense.

“We expect a tough game, this is now an official game, not a preparation. Now we want to perfect the game plan and see how it will all look like.”

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