Steve Kerr talks about his contract situation


In recent months, and especially in recent weeks, a bunch of high profile NBA coaches were fired such us Nick Nurse, Mike Budenholzer, Monty Williams and Doc Rivers.

Following the ned of the season for the Warriors, the question of Steve Kerr’s contract with the team has arisen. The 57-year-old coach who led Golden State to four championships since taking over the team in 2014, has only one year left on his current deal.

Kerr says that he is in no rush to sort his contract situation as there are more important things that the Warriors need to work on this summer. At the same time he says that he would love to coach the Dubs his whole career.

“Our organization has a lot to sort through this summer and my contract situation is not nor should it be at the top of the list right now,” Kerr said during the season end press conference. “Bob’s [Myers] contract situation is number one because that influences a lot of player decisions that have to be made, contracts, draft, free agency. We will get to my stuff whenever that happens and I’m in no rush for that.

“I love coaching, I love coaching these players, I love coaching the Warriors, I love living in the Bay. But I’m also in the NBA and all you have to do is look at your phone every day and see the next Hall of Fame coach that’s fired.

“It’s insane. I’ve never seen the league like this. I’m under no illusions that I have a lifetime job here or something like that. But I love what I and I hope to be coaching here for a long time. But you never know how things work out, so we’ll see.”

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