Steve Kerr on USA’s comeback win from double-digit deficit


Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Perhaps the pre-game Haka had an impact on Steve Kerr’s team, as their initial sluggishness allowed New Zealand to establish a 10-point advantage. However, the USA remained composed, rallying to regain the lead by halftime and ultimately securing a comfortable 99-72 victory.

New Zealand will aim to secure their first win in the upcoming match against Jordan, scheduled in two days. On the other hand, the USA has the opportunity to potentially secure the group’s top position by securing a win against Greece.

“That’s always the equation,” said Steve Kerr, USA head coach. “As coaches you have to factor in all these things when you decided what scheme to play, whether you’re switching or dropping or whatever.

“You look at the opponent, you figure out what you need to do to win that game. Some things you live with, you kinda go into every game trying to figure out what you are willing to live with versus non negotiables. We base our defensive coverages on those thoughts.”

Watch the game highlights between the USA and New Zealand in the First Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023:

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