Steve Kerr makes bold statement about Golden State Warriors current season



Steve Kerr has been the Golden State Warriors’ head coach for eight years, but this season could be the most challenging for him, as well as for his veteran and young stars.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Ker
© Mike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesGolden State Warriors head coach Steve Ker

Since the beginning of the journey with the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr has been the missing piece to assemble a roster full of talent, and take it to another level. It was no coincidence at all when the Dubs started the 2022-2023 NBA season with a 19-2 record with Kerr as a debutant coach. Since then, most of the seasons have been full of enjoyment, happiness, and of course trophies, until now. 

After their fourth title clinched in eight years, the Golden State Warriors started a heated preseason. With Draymond Green and Jordan Poole involved in altercation that got out of hand. Even so, Warriors’ GM Bob Myers had to come out and talk about the issue. Unpredictable after a huge season win.

Then, it was the start of the season. After 14 games played, the Warriors have 6-8 record, which isn’t the worst in the NBA, but certainly it was unexpected by the Dubs’ fans. All of this comes to a possible rebuilding process in which many of their huge stars could be involved for the upcoming near future.

NBA News: Steve Kerr sees the end of the Golden State Warriors era

After 9 years, the Golden State Warriors are probably one the best teams in the National Basketball Association since Steve Kerr arrived in the Bay Area. Six finals appearances, four titles clinched. “This is my ninth year,” Kerr explains. “If you look at the core — Steph, Klay, Draymond, Andre — those guys have been together for basically a decade. That doesn’t happen in sports.

“But when you have a backcourt like these two guys who are just so potent and explosive, but also just so naturally humble and respectful to everyone around them, that allows for an organization to get through the rough patches.” Kerr added. 

“But it can only last so long. We know this isn’t going forever. This could be the last year, maybe next year is the last year. We’re in the final stages. We know that. We want to make the most of it.” Kerr said to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN for an article. This means Kerr could be living his second ‘Last Dance’ in the NBA.

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