Steve Kerr deliberates Warriors starting lineup after Chris Paul trade


Photo: NBA Interviews/YouTube

The Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, finds himself in a challenging position as he navigates the task of determining the starting lineup for the upcoming NBA season following the acquisition of Chris Paul in a trade that sent Jordan Poole packing.

With the training camp on the horizon, Kerr admits that he has yet to finalize the starting five.

“We basically have six starters in the way I look at it,” Kerr said. “Only five can go each night. I haven’t decided yet. What we’re going to do – I want to see training camp; we’re going to try different combinations and take a look.

“Obviously, all six guys are going to play a lot of minutes for us. If this is going to work, everyone is going to have to embrace it, regardless of who starts. It only works if the whole team buys in.”

With the talent and depth at his disposal, Kerr remains confident that the Warriors will find the right formula for success in the upcoming season.

“I know these guys well. I know five of them really well and I’m getting to know Chris. One thing I know about all of them is they want to win more than anything. We’re an incredibly competitive group. I’m very confident that we’ll figure it out and the guys will buy in and find the way,” Kerr concluded.

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