Steve Kerr believes his future lies in Golden State despite expiring contract


Steve Kerr, who has guided the Warriors to four NBA titles in the past decade, remains confident that his future lies in San Francisco, even though he is yet to sign an extension to his current contract. The coach is entering his final season in Golden State, which starts right at the end of October.

This Monday, the trainer who led Team USA to the FIBA World Cup’s fourth place some weeks ago, finally reported back in California and said he trusted he can strike a new deal with new general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr.

“I feel great about my position here,” he told the press. “I want to be here. I know Mike and Joe want me here, and so I’m very confident something will get done. I’m not stressed about it at all.”

The 57-year-old then added that it makes no diference to him to compete this season without a signed extension, he feels no uncertainty whatsoever.

“You know, I’m perfectly capable of coaching whether I have one year left or an extension,” Kerr expressed. “Makes no difference. But I fully expect to be here.”

Klay Thompson is another key asset who is yet to sign an extension in Golden State, but Dunleavy insisted that the team feels comfortable to bide their time before striking an extension deal with both of them.

“There’s no real timeline in the immediate future that we have to abide by, so we’ll continue to have conversations,” the GM explained. “But the main goal is secure those guys moving forward, and I think they feel a little bit of the same. But we are optimistic, and I think we are in a good place there.”

Kerr talked about his new relationship with Chris Paul, and how the team now has six starters in the Warriors roster

Golden State made a bold move this summer that many still can’t believe, as they traded in one of their most fierce opponents in recent history, former Suns star Chris Paul. Now that he’s integrated in the Bay Area squad, Kerr believes they have ‘six starters’ in the roster.

According to his head coach, the 12-time All-Star is already making a strong impression in the team during the past couple of months. “I really like Chris because he likes phone calls and not texts,” he shared. “Chris is old school. He wants to talk. We’ve had four or five great conversations this summer. Obviously we have had a lot of battles over the years.”

“So I’m thrilled to coach him. He’s one of the greatest competitors I’ve ever seen; his command of the game, the way he controls the action. He understands what wins. So I’m really excited to coach Chris and I know he’s really excited to be here,” Kerr kept at it.

The new general manager also shared his enthusiasm to begin this new process before the start of the upcoming campaign, which starts in a month.

“So these guys are all in on making it work and us having a great season,” Dunleavy said on Monday. “I really feel good with where we are at in September. [We’ve] got a ton of work to do, but I think the foundation is in a good place right now.”

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