Stephen Curry’s new haircut has Warriors fans calling win streak


Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry got a fresh haircut, and surprisingly enough, it got the whole fan base buzzing.

Curry is back to his buzz cut after having grown his hair for the past couple of years, and it got everyone excited and predicting big things for the Warriors. After all, everyone knows what the so-called Baby-faced Assassin is capable of.

Now we don’t have Curry’s NBA stats per hairstyle–we’re not even sure if that’s a thing–but Warriors fans certainly believe getting a new cut is the catalyst for Curry to explode and lead the Dubs to a win streak. Golden State could really use one anyway.

“Steph Curry got a haircut. The league is about to be over. The Babyfaced Assassin is back! The Warriors in 5!” one fan wrote.

“Curry new haircut, but also something is different, perhaps he’s more locked in than before?” another fan commented on a video of Curry doing some shooting drills on Tuesday.

A third fan wrote, “Curry got a haircut?? Yeah… he going for 50 next game and the warriors are going on a 12 game win-streak.”

Of course there are also doubters and haters who laughed at the fans thinking that a new haircut would change things for Stephen Curry, and they didn’t hold back in mocking the Dubs faithful.

“Warriors fans really think Steph Curry’s haircut gonna make him elite again. #downbad,” one commenter shared. Meanwhile, another critic said, “Kyrie did Curry so bad he had to get a haircut,” referencing the Warriors’ recent loss to the Kevin Durant-less Brooklyn Nets.

Guess everyone just have to wait and see for the Warriors’ next game to see who’s right. Golden State returns to action on Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies.

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