Stephen Curry, the 4x Champ and 2022 Finals MVP has a lesser chance at the Hall of Fame than Chris Paul


Stephen Curry might have made his way to Top-3 point guards of all time but is still behind The Point God somewhere.

6’0 Chris Paul and 6’3 Stephen Curry are two of the best point guards in the NBA of the past decade. In fact, both of them are in the Top 5 of most people’s all-time great point guards list.

Just the 2022 Playoffs, though, made a significant impact on both their careers. In contrast with his 15th and 16th postseasons, his 17th year brought a significant hit to The Point God’s image.

Whereas, Curry, despite having one of his most inefficient personal seasons, made a case for himself as the GOAT point guard after leading the Warriors to their fourth Championship within 8 years.

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But there was a certain development after the recent conclusion of the 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony, which is a little disturbing even if you’re a neutral fan and do not belong to the Dub Nation.

Chris Paul has a better chance to make it to the Hall of Fame than Stephen Curry

Both the point legends are going to be first-ballot HOFs whenever they call it a day on their respective magical careers. They have a 100% chance of making it there.

And if somebody disagrees, they are delusional or are in dire need of attention. One of those things might be the case here with Basketball Reference, which is the Mecca of statistics.

There is no sense in discussing why a 4x NBA Champ, 2x MVP, as well as a Finals MVP has a lesser chance at making it to the Hall of Fame than a person who has won none of those things.

Maybe because of All-Star and All-Defensive Team numbers where CP3 has bested Steph and most other point guards in the history of the game.

Who is greater among the two is a different discussion, but here we can conclude they both deserve to have a 100% chance at HOF selection. As whatever they do from here will not worsen their resume.

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