Stephen Curry and Warriors Are Sick of Waiting For James Wiseman, Insider Reveals Franchise is Going After Myles Turner Instead


James Wiseman is having a rough season. Initially, he looked good after coming back, with his athleticism and vertical ability on full display. But pretty soon, the NBA caught up to him. Teams started to figure out his game. And pretty soon it became obvious he wasn’t developed enough for the next level just yet.

As a result of that reality, Wiseman was sent down to the G League again, with the hopes that he can get the playing time needed to develop there.

In the meantime, many expected for the Dubs to keep Kevon Looney and JaMychal Green as their main big men. But, it appears that a championship team has no interest in waiting around.

An NBA insider recently released new information on who Stephen Curry and the Warriors want off the trade market. And suffice it to say, it isn’t the best news for James Wiseman.

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Stephen Curry and the Warriors are looking to bring in either Jakob Poeltl or Myles Turner through

Both these players are skilled big men who would fit into the Warriors’ intricate system, just in very different ways.

Poeltl may not have the three-ball down pat, he is a very smart and skilled player for the Spurs.

The 7’1” 27-year-old has become known for making intricate plays, including catching cutters, something the Warriors’ system would use sparingly. And perhaps something James Wiseman should desperately be worrying about, considering his lacking feel for the game.

On the other hand, Myles Turner is one of the best two-way centers in the game right now.

His rim protection capabilities are absolutely excellent, and his ability to hit the three, while also having a versatile inside game would be a dream come true for the Dubs.

But, while both players would suit the Warriors really well, who is the team likelier to get ahead of this trade deadline?


Jakob Poeltl is clearly the Warriors’ realistic option

While Jakob Poeltl is an amazing player, it is clear that Myles Turner is better. So, it would be common sense to go after him harder… right?

Well, not exactly.

The Indiana Pacers are currently on Tyrese Haliburton’s timeline. And while the point guard is from the same draft class as James Wiseman, the big man’s lack of development is no secret.

As constructed, the Pacers just about look ready to win now. Just this season, the franchise sits 4th in a dominant East, with a record of 10-6, and 8 games won of their last 10.

No, the more realistic option would be Jakob Poeltl, who would come out of a team focusing on a rebuild, and currently sit 13th in the West.

Given the timeline, this franchise is on, and how good Gregg Popovich is at developing young talent, the franchise will probably feel that they can turn the big man’s career around.

And in return for James Wiseman, the Warriors get a smart big man on their timeline, who compliments their system perfectly.

If the Dubs are going to go for one of these two ahead of the deadline, it’s going to be Jakob Poeltl.

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