Stephen A. Smith says his beef with Kyrie is on a ‘personal level’


ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith is known for his outrageous takes and can entertain almost anyone who listens. Smith has been in the business for a while and he knows how to manufacture headlines from thin air. However, his beef with Kyrie Irving is on a ‘personal level’ and Smith gave some insight on why that might be. He claims that Irving’s ‘daddy knows why’ when referring the feud between the two.

Not too long ago there was an incident between Stephen A and fellow ESPN analyst Jay Williams when discussing Irving. There’s always two sides playfully debating back and forth, but Smith was clearly taking it too far and was letting his personal emotions take the best of him.

Sparks were flying between Williams and Smith and it was all due to Mavericks SG Kyrie Irving. Stephen A. recently spoke on a podcast and gave a bit of insight on what the feud is between the Irving’s and himself.

What makes the beef between the Irving’s and Smith so personal?

In a podcast with Mike Missanelli, Smith admitted to the ‘personal’ beef with Kyrie Irving. He declined to get into the specifics of the situation, but had this to say.

“Kyrie and I have our differences on a personal level, which is none of anybody’s business, and I’ll never tell why,”… “He knows why, okay? And his daddy knows why. They know how I feel about how they’ve acted towards me, and they know how I feel about them, and I know how they feel about me.” – Stephen A. Smith

There had always been a striking suspicion that Smith did not like Irving and his quote above solidified that. Smith owes his co-host Jay Williams an apology for attacking him so harshly when discussing Irving. Stephen A took it to a level that it did not need to go to.

People love to tune in to see Smith debate sports every day, but we’ve seen him take some personal rivalries too far over they years. He’s called out players like LeBron James in the past as well.

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