Stephen A. Smith obliterates Ben Simmons after he trolls 76ers


Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Ben Simmons took to social media to troll his former team, the 76ers, after they lost in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Celtics.

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith saw this as a pathetic move as he blasted the Nets point guard on Know Mercy podcast.

“I have never seen a superstar in a game of basketball play in Game 7 as badly as James Harden played this past Sunday in Boston. Embiid was a disappointment,” Smith launched his rant.

“The only thing worse than James Harden was that sorry trifling ass Ben Simmons. And I tried to be nice to Ben Simmons, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“How the hell are you talking about a basketball player when you treat putting on a basketball uniform and dribbling when you treat that as if somebody asked you to get on the front lines in Ukraine to fight Russia? That’s how scared he is to play basketball.

“I mean, he’s the one that’s talking about it. they brought up mental illness. I didn’t bring that up. I didn’t say anything about him. I’m not making light of something like that. He brought that up. He said that was rationale. He said that he needed therapy. He said that needed to talk to people.

“Then it’s back injury, then it’s a knee injury. It’s all of these excuses not to play. But that brother never missed a check, though. He always make sure the check is in the account.

“And you are talking about James Harden and the 76ers? The team you quit on? The team you left hanging? The team that you were supposed to help deliver a championship as the number one overall pick in the draft? You! You! That’s you!”

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