Steph Curry’s Anticipated Timing of Return, According to Adrian Wojnarowski


The Golden State Warriors suffered a serious setback when Steph Curry got hurt. According to senior NBA source Adrian Wojnarowski, the four-time champion might make a comeback in four weeks.

In the third quarter of the game against the Indiana Pacers, Steph Curry suffered a shoulder injury. He moved in to catch the rebound, but he screamed in agony and grabbed his left shoulder as he came off.

Thankfully, it was stated that surgery was not necessary given Steph Curry’s condition. If it occurred, the Warriors’ star player would be out for a long time.

Curry’s likely comeback date was revealed by Woj on ESPN’s NBA Countdown with Mike Greenberg. Steph Curry’s comeback is anticipated to happen in around four weeks, however, he emphasized that timetables vary from person to person.

Steph Curry’s Anticipated Timing of Return, According to Adrian Wojnarowski

“According to what I’ve been informed, the optimistic time frame for Steph Curry’s comeback is three weeks. However, everyone recovers differently, and rehabilitation programs might vary. For this ailment, I believe the three- to the four-week range is reasonable. That may amount to a dozen games.”

Additionally, Wojnarowski discussed how difficult it may be for the Warriors without Curry.

“This club, which is one game below.500, will play four challenging games in the East before returning home for an eight-game home stand that will begin on Christmas Day against Memphis. This Warriors squad has never performed well without Steph Curry in the past.”

The 2022–23 Warriors’ season has gotten off to a rough start. In the Western Conference, they are placed 11th (14-16).

Without Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors have a 24-66 record over the last three years

Without Steph Curry in the starting lineup, the Warriors have really struggled. Since the start of the 2019–20 season, they have played 90 games without the “Baby-Faced Assassin,” winning only 24 of them. Curry has missed four games this year, and they have all ended in losses.

With good reason, the NBA community does not anticipate that the Warriors will perform any better without Curry. Despite the fact that it is still early in the season, their performance in the next games will be crucial to their effort to retain their championship.

Although expected to be title contenders, the Warriors have fallen short. They let go of important supporting cast members during the winter, and their second unit has not been produced at the same level.

Before the playoffs, there is still time to make a change. Klay Thompson must lead the club, according to NBA expert Stephen A. Smith.


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