Steph Curry weighs in comments about Lakers flopping


Warriors head coach Steve Kerr threw a shade on the Lakers, saying that some of the fouls that they were getting were flops. He also called the NBA to penalize flopping.

Kerr’s comments prompted a response from Lakers head coach Darvin Ham, who said that his team does not teach flopping. He also implied that the officials allowed the Warriors to play very physical in Game 5.

In addition, LeBron James gave his take on what was said by Kerr. The four-time NBA champion rejected the notion of his team flopping to get calls, saying that none of his teams over a 20-year career has been doing that.

Steph Curry was asked for his thoughts on what has been said by both sides about the physicality of Golden State and Los Angeles.

“I’ve seen it way worse,” he said. But the more you play a team, more stuff comes out and the power of this microphone, the gamesmanship back and forth – it’s all a part of it.

“Nothing that is surprising even from game to game. There’s respect with this competition and everything is catered to just trying to win four games. That’s what you expect.”

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