Steph Curry on facing LeBron James in playoffs


Steph Curry and LeBron James have had some historical postseason battles as the Warriors faced the Cavaliers in four straight NBA Finals through 2015-2018.

The two superstars are on the opposite sides in the playoffs once again. This time it’s the Warriors against the Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Curry talked about the historical battle between him and Jame after the Game 1 loss in San Francisco.

“You have to reflect on everything that we’ve all gone through since the ’15 Finals and just appreciate the opportunity to have another chapter in that battle in that competition,” the Dubs superstar said.

“Obviously, once the ball drops, it’s a different feel based on how the Lakers play versus the old Cavs teams. And even just a different style that he’s playing a little bit. He’s trying to come at you a little differently and space you out a little bit and shooting a lot more threes and stuff like that. It’s just a little different vibe.

“But there is a reflection of just how awesome and special this battle is. The fact that we get to do it again. We want to come out on top and it’s going to be a fun series all the way around. But there’s a moment of reflection for sure how cool this is all these years later.”

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