“So, when we have kids…”


Shams Charania, the senior NBA insider for The Athletic, is known for his breaking news and reports that give color and excitement to basketball fans. Charania’s precise, businesslike persona, however, gave way to a more natural, spontaneous vibe in an interview with Kay Adams.

In the “Up & Adams” show, Adams quizzed Charania about the details of his life while openly flirting with him. Not shying away from the surprising ad-lib, “The Stadium” talk show host gave back as much as he took.

At one point, Kay Adams stunned Charania when she interrupted him, saying:

(3:05 mark)

“So, when we have kids.”


Adams quickly covered her comments by saying that she was just completely joking.

Shams Charania was emphatically answering how kids and students should follow their dreams. “The Athletic” reporter also admitted that he was so focused on what he wanted to be that he didn’t have a social life.

The former Yahoo Sports! NBA writer continued to stress his point after Adams’ flirty interruption:

“I think school is very important. I wanted to be the first one out of my family in my generation to graduate. That was very important to me but you have to be able to go through the experiences of whatever you wanna do, whatever you’re passionate about.”

Later, Adams almost too smoothly admitted to Charania that she’s obsessed with him. He wouldn’t let her get away with it and promptly replied:

“Thank you!. I’m obsessed with you.”

They capped off the flirting when Kay Adams asked Charania to complete the sentence, “If loving this is wrong I don’t wanna be right.”

Charania promptly answered:


It wasn’t lost on the video how Adams’ face lit up while blurting out that it was the best thing she had ever heard.

Fan reaction was heartwarming after Shams Charania and Kay Adams flirted during the interview

Kay Adams hosts the "Up & Adams" show. [photo: The Sun]
Kay Adams hosts the “Up & Adams” show. [photo: The Sun]

Shams Charania, outside of hordes of basketball fans, has 1.8 million followers on Twitter. Kay Adams, on the other hand, has more than 500K followers of her own.

When Adams captioned a tweet with “i love shams,” some fans were giddy with excitement:

Mrs. Kay Charania???

One can only expect that if something comes out of this between the two talk show hosts, their fans wouldn’t be disappointed.

Shams Charania admits to being scared of taking naps and missing out on the latest

Shams Charania of "The Athletic" and "The Stadium" [photo: Sports Illustrated]
Shams Charania of “The Athletic” and “The Stadium” [photo: Sports Illustrated]

Shams Charania has made a name for himself as a trusted source of reliable breaking news, especially about NBA players. Sometimes, what he tweets before something big happens has often flabbergasted basketball fans and analysts.

Part of what makes him so good with the most relevant and hotly-anticipated NBA news is how he operates every day. Here’s what he told Adams about his biggest fear:

“Taking naps during the day or being off on wifi like not having wifi in planes like I become irritable and start losing it.”

That simple answer had Kay Adams fluttering her eyes. Charania and Adams had such great chemistry together that linking up in the future might not be such a bad idea.

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