Snoop Dogg claims ‘Shaquille O’Neal is the greatest NBA rapper of all time’


One of the world’s most famous hip hop artists has offered his take on the eternal debate over who is the greatest NBA rapper of all time. On Sunday, Snoop Dogg shared a video of Shaquille O’Neal’s newest collaboration with Southern California duo Coyote.

While at it, the Los Angeles native wrote a caption expressing how this recent rap from the Lakers legend has convinced him that he’s the best basketball player to ever rap.

“@Shaq greatest NBA rapper of all time,” Tha Doggfather posted while sharing the clip of Shaq rapping: “They think I’m on the brink of my insanity/ If he ain’t spitting like this for the money, then what can it be/ Momma managed me, Papa was in the military/ I come from The Bricks where the only option is just the cemetery/ I get in the mix opposite of Ben & Jerry’s.”

The legendary big man participated in the first out of two collabs with Coyote, this one from a song called “3 Lokos”.

Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, might be a bit biased considering that he’s been a lifelong purple and gold fan, and has held a relationship with O’Neal ever since he was a player.

For Coyote, having Shaq be a part of their music comes with great honor, as it is an opportunity to bring together hispanic, black and other communities together in California.

“Being 2 Mexican kids from LA this was a special moment,” they wrote on their social media platform. “WE BROUGHT @SHAQ BACK TO LA!!”

The same day the song was released, they sat down with TMZ and explained how they made this collaboration happen.

“[Shaq] was like as long as it’s some hardcore stuff, I’m down,” Guapo first explained. “So we made a hardcore Hip Hop ’90s-type song and we’re like, ‘Bro, let’s send it to Shaq,’ and he got on it, did his thing, he spit like 32 bars. He went off!”

“Four hours later he FaceTimes us and he shows us his verse and he went crazy! He’s rapping better than 90 percent of rappers out there,” he added.

Shaquille explains why being on the spotlight for so long has helped his abbilties to be able to rap under pressure

The basketball Hall of Famer doesn’t feel the pressure when rapping and is convinced he can make a track better. “Anybody trying to get on a song imma make your verse skippable,” he said while earning lots of praise from NBA fans.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was 13. If it’s a crowd of 100 people or a crowd of 100,000, it’s the same thing if you’re putting on a show. In high school, the gym would be packed with 300 people,” he said.

“In the NBA and the championships, you have parades, but then it’s all gone, and you need it back,” O’Neal shared. “I went to Tomorrowland and saw Tiesto with 100,000 people out there. I got that feeling back. I thought, ‘I’ve been DJing since ’88, let me try.’ I was in the celebrity DJ box and had to prove myself.”

As there is still one more collab with Coyote in the oven, Shaq says he expects to surprise his fans even more with the upcoming release.

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