Sixers, Clippers ‘nowhere close’ on James Harden trade


Photo: Philadelphia

The talks between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Clippers regarding a James Harden trade are still deadlocked. Both teams are holding their ground on what they’re willing to offer and what they’re looking to gain.

After being absent from the Sixers for a 10-day period, Harden returned to the team just before they set off for Milwaukee on their opening night.

“We know he wants a trade,” said Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast. “He’s made it pretty clear he was not going to make this easy on Philly if he didn’t get the trade. It hasn’t happened. It’s nowhere close. It is nowhere in range. Just those talks are nowhere between Philly and the Clippers.

“There’s a wide gulf between those two organizations. The Clippers believe they’ve made, by far, the best offer for James Harden. The only real serious offer for James Harden. 

“Daryl Morey wants more. Says he has a value on an All-Star guard. I think the way the Clippers look at it is that the market dictates the value. Each side certainly does what is best for them. For the Clippers, that is not including Terance Mann in the deal. That is not including a second first round pick in the deal.

“That includes not taking on, perhaps, salary in a trade for Harden. For Philly, they said they only want to do a deal that allows them to get the assets to get another high level player to replace James Harden. That’s hard to do. They don’t become available. There’s a reason people don’t want to trade those players.

“So Philly has been in no rush to get this deal done. At least on anything but their own terms. But for all the posturing and in-and-out with James Harden in the preseason, the season is starting. They open up Thursday. If the Sixers get to a point where they want to fine, or essentially dock James Harden’s pay. That’s $389,000 per game. We’re not there.

“Again, he is on excused leave. The team has been patience with him. I think the league will have some say in that at some point. There is a new Player Participation Rule that is going to be tested in a pretty unique way with the James Harden situation.”

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