Should OK State Cowboys Fire Basketball Coach Mike Boynton?


Mike Boynton, the head coach of the Oklahoma State men’s basketball team, has had a rollercoaster tenure since taking the reins in 2017. Despite some bright spots, another mediocre season with the Cowboys has left fans questioning whether Boynton is the right fit for the program. With a history of just one NCAA tournament appearance in six seasons, let’s take a closer look at Boynton’s contract, salary, buyout, and net worth to determine if parting ways is feasible for Oklahoma State.

Contract and Salary

Over his tenure, Boynton has led the Cowboys to a 105-88 overall record and a paltry 46-61 conference record. His best season came in 2020/21 when Oklahoma State reached the NCAA tournament round of 32. Unfortunately, their performance hasn’t been as impressive in other seasons, with the team often failing to reach the NCAA tournament qualifications. This has led to some fans calling for OK State to fire Mike Boynton.

After the round of 32 appearance, Boynton signed a seven-year contract extension in 2021, worth a total of $21 million. This deal keeps him with the Cowboys through the 2027-28 season. His salary for the 2022-23 season is $3 million, and he has the potential to earn up to $500,000 in bonuses through conference titles and NCAA tournament appearances.


However, Boynton’s buyout clause presents a significant obstacle for Oklahoma State should they wish to part ways. Currently standing at a massive $11.25 million, the buyout would be a hefty financial burden for the university. This high price tag makes it difficult for Oklahoma State to consider severing ties with Boynton, even if they feel it’s time for a change.

Boynton’s $11.25 million buyout not only deters Oklahoma State from parting ways, but it also reflects the university’s initial faith in his ability to lead the program to success. However, as the team’s performance continues to disappoint, the steep buyout price has turned into a financial albatross, potentially preventing the university from seeking a fresh start with a new coach.

So, should Oklahoma State part ways with Boynton? The answer is not straightforward. The prohibitive buyout clause in his contract complicates the decision, forcing the university to weigh their options carefully. Oklahoma State must consider if investing in a new coach and paying the substantial buyout fee will lead to a more successful basketball program in the long run.

Net Worth

As for Boynton’s net worth, it’s estimated to be around $5 million. He has accumulated his wealth through his coaching career, including his current lucrative contract with Oklahoma State. His net worth also includes earnings from endorsement deals and sponsorships associated with his coaching career.

Additionally, his steady rise through the ranks, from assistant coach to head coach, has not only contributed to his financial success, but solidified his standing in the world of college basketball. This puts Boynton in a comfortable financial position, regardless of his future with the university.

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