Sasha Vezenkov believes Kings’ movement and passing aren’t like a typical NBA team


Photo: Sacramento Kings/Twitter

New Sacramento King Sasha Vezenkov fell in love with watching the team’s pace last year while he was dominating overseas (2022-23 EuroLeague MVP).

(via Sacramento Kings):

Matt George: “What did you see from how they played that really drew you or that you liked specifically?”

Vezenkov: “I think the pace. The pace we were playing was incredible, fast, strong, and tough. With this pace, they’re winning games and the other team couldn’t follow this pace. So I think that’s the first thing. Also the movement, the passes, not typical NBA team. And that’s like back in Europe because we don’t watch too many NBA games. This specific team, the Sacramento Kings last year, played really beautiful. This style I like, and I like to watch.”

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