Sam Presti discusses Chet Holmgren’s NBA debut and challenges ahead


Photo: Oklahoma City Thunder/Twitter

Sam Presti, the general manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder, recently shared his thoughts on Chet Holmgren, the promising young talent selected by the team with the second overall pick in the 2022 NBA draft.

Holmgren, a 21-year-old forward/center, is set to make his NBA debut after being sidelined for the entire 2022–23 NBA season due to a Lisfranc injury in his foot.

During a preseason press conference, Presti addressed various aspects of Holmgren’s journey to the NBA. When questioned about the team’s plan for managing Holmgren’s minutes and games, Presti emphasized the need to assess how the young player responds to the demands of the league.

He acknowledged that not many players play a full 82-game season and emphasized the importance of being observant regarding Holmgren’s progress.

Presti also highlighted the challenges that Holmgren may face in his rookie season, particularly on the defensive end.

As a shot-blocking specialist, Holmgren may encounter situations where he gets dunked on or experiences rust as he adjusts to the NBA’s pace and physicality.

Presti hinted at the possibility of Holmgren playing different positions on the court, showcasing his versatility.

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