Rockets’ GM isn’t surprised by Dillon Brooks’ World Cup performances


Photo: FIBA

Dillon Brooks’ impressive World Cup performance for Canada, which led to their first-ever medal, didn’t surprise Rockets GM Rafael Stone who had high expectations when he signed Brooks to a four-year, $86 million contract in July, relying on his scoring (15.1 PPG), sharpshooting (.588 3PT%), and defensive skills.

“I’m really happy for Dillon,” Stone said. “Largely, he’s the player that we thought we were signing. So, it’s not at all surprising. But it’s great. And more so than any player I can really remember in recent memory, there’s a narrative about him that’s odd and wrong. And I think kind of the whole world over the last week has kind of owned that he’s a really good basketball player.

“The thing he does at a truly elite level, in a funny way is the one thing that every fan and every coach says is the most important thing. Every single day, every single possession, he competes and he’s always ready. And so, it’s kind of funny that that guy, who embodies that ethos, has taken as (much criticism) in the past few months as he has.

“But I also think … people are going to realize he’s a really good player. And most importantly, he just competes his butt off. Obviously, we really like him. He played like we would expect him to, and we’re really excited to get him back and get him integrated.”

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