Rob Pelinka emphasizes continuity and growth for Lakers after playoff exit


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Following the Lakers’ disappointing sweep by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, Rob Pelinka, the team’s General Manager, addressed the media in a season-closing interview. Pelinka expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishments, highlighting their journey to the conference finals.

Pelinka acknowledged the importance of continuity and its role in the Lakers’ success. He pointed out that the Nuggets, who eliminated the Lakers, possessed a cohesive group that had been playing together for multiple seasons, leading to their strong on-court chemistry.

Maintaining continuity within the Lakers’ roster is now a high priority for Pelinka and the organization. He emphasized the special bond among the players and their enjoyment of playing together, citing it as a significant factor in their potential for growth and improvement. Pelinka also stressed the benefits of having a full training camp to further enhance their cohesion.

“We feel like we got al group of special players in the locker room. They enjoy playing with each other. Darvin [Ham] enjoys coaching them. We know there’s more growth and improvement in that group, especially if we get a training camp together. I would say it’s a high priority to keep our core players together,” he said.

While the playoff exit was undoubtedly disappointing, Pelinka remains optimistic about the team’s future. By prioritizing the retention of core players and fostering their development, the Lakers aim to bounce back stronger next season and make another deep postseason run.

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