Rob Pelinka after Rui Hachimura trade: “Doesn’t mean our work’s finished”


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The Lakers made their first trade this season by acquiring Rui Hachimura from the Wizards. According to the Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, the move was made to address the need of depth on the wing position.

He also revealed that Los Angeles and Washington starting talking about the potential trade a week ago when Hachimura became available. In addition, Pelinka said that the Lakers have not finished making moves this season.

“One of the needs we wanted to address with the roster was just adding size and depth to the wing position,” Pelinka said. “This is the time of the year with trade deadline a couple of weeks away where we’re canvassing the league on ways to get better.

“With me it’s talking to all 29 other teams and their GMs and just keeping a cadence checking in every few days. It’s something that all the teams do this time of the year. We’ve had a great working relationship with the Wizards and Tony Sheppard. We’ve done a couple of trades with them recently.

“Began conversations about a week ago when Rui became available what they were trying to accomplish and felt like it was an opportunity for us to strike early and address the need in a market that’s proven to be a little bit slow.

“Doesn’t mean our work’s finished. We’re going to continue to monitor the situations of the other 29 teams. Our job as the front office is to always look for ways to improve our team both now and in the future. Rui was the perfect way to do that and that’s why we struck early.”

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