RJ Barrett leads the dominant offensive display for Canada


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Canada once again proved that they’re a nightmare to deal with on both sides of the court in a 128-73 victory over Lebanon.

Canada managed to put points on the board using a diverse range of methods, and their collaborative efforts led to the establishment of a fresh FIBA Basketball World Cup record with 44 assists in a single game.

This exceptional teamwork propelled them to an astounding 50 out of 70 successful field goal attempts, ultimately securing a resounding victory.

RJ Barrett found his touch after a 5-point effort on Gameday 1 against France, leading the team with 17 points and 3 assists.

“We played together and shared the basketball,” said Jordi Fernandez, Canada’s head coach. “43 assists to 15 turnovers is a record in the World Cup. It just shows that sharing is caring and these guys were ready to play the right way, play with a pass.

“Sometimes in games like these teams have the tendency to do it on their own and dribble too much. I’m proud of these guys for doing it the right way. Especially Trae here. Not just being ready to catch and shoot, but also sharing the ball with 8 assists. I’m happy to share the table with him here.”

Watch the game highlights between Lebanon and Canada in the First Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023:

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