Right Before Massive FTX Lawsuit Saga, Stephen Curry and Naomi Osaka Shared a Mutual BTS Fanboy Moment


Four-time NBA champion and All-star point guard Stephen Curry is a global icon with millions of fans worldwide. Curry’s iconic moments and greatest highlights have reached most corners of the world.


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Consequently, despite basketball being a primary sport, many fans are found sporting his jerseys in numerous countries. Moreover, other than casual fans, Curry has also won the hearts of famous personalities, including the uber-popular K-pop star, Suga.


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BTS’ Suga isn’t just another celebrity around the corner. The historic success of the K-Pop group has made the members Global Superstars. With Hundreds of Millions of fans worldwide, BTS and its members are some of the most influential and famous personalities in the world. The $100 Million worth band has fans from all facets of society.

Stephen Curry and Naomi Osaka meet BTS’s Suga

Suga, the centerpiece of a popular boy band from the K-Pop industry, has his fair share of followers. However, despite his uber-popularity, Suga’s fandom for the NBA and Stephen Curry is well documented.


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about 21 hours ago

Suga and his team made an appearance at the Golden State Warriors facility in Japan before the start of the regular season. In the pre-season, the Warriors went to Tokyo for the NBA 2022-23 Japan games.

After what seemed like an intense practice, Stephen Curry met Suga and his team with a host of media members capturing the iconic exchange. The two stars then expressed their fandom for each other. Moreover, after the conversation, the two exchanged memorabilia, with Curry giving him a signed jersey and Suga handing him a BTS album.


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Suga also met another All-time athlete at the NBA 2022-23 Japan games. Naomi Osaka’s reputation as a member of the BTS army is well-known among the fans. Osaka admitted being excited about meeting Suga and took to social media after the exchange. The former No.1 in the world posted her amusing fan moment with Suga on Twitter which ensued in a social media frenzy.

Watch the Story – K-Pop star Suga of BTS meet Stephen Curry and the Warriors


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Curry and Osaka shared their mutual fanboy moment over the week of the Japan games a few months ago. However, the two stars are battling a lawsuit where they have been accused of endorsing a fraudulent entity in FTX.

After the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX last week, a class-action lawsuit filed by investors who lost over $11 Billion came to light. The lawsuit also contains the names of Curry and Osaka, alongside other celebrities who previously endorsed FTX.

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