Richard Jefferson predicts Joel Embiid could join Knicks


Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

Former NBA player and current analyst Richard Jefferson has made a bold prediction about the future of 76ers superstar Joel Embiid.

During a recent episode of the Road Trippin’ podcast, Jefferson expressed his belief that Embiid could find his way to the Knicks. Jefferson cited the Knicks’ change in fortune, going from a team desperately seeking a savior to one with a solid foundation of young talent, including All-Star point guard Jalen Brunson.

“If you try and get a player to come in and be a superstar and save your organization, there’s going to be a problem. No one wanted to come be the savior of the New York Knicks,” he said.

“So now that they have talent, they built within, they’ve got core pieces, they’ve got an All-Star point guard in [Jalen] Brunson, now guys are going to want to play there. I think Joel Embiid and another superstar will end up in New York.”

Jefferson also pointed out that with Brunson on a team-friendly contract, the Knicks now have the cap space to potentially lure not just Embiid but another superstar to the iconic Madison Square Garden.

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