Richard Jefferson: Gap between Steph Curry and Magic Johnson larger than Kobe and Jordan


The debate of who is the greatest point guard in NBA history ignited once again on the Road Trippin’ podcast, as former NBA players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye shared their views.

While the discussion centered on Magic Johnson and Steph Curry, Jefferson made a bold claim that the gap between the two is more substantial than the one between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

“Steph doesn’t want that smoke, as great as Steph is,” Jefferson declared, via Robert Marvi of Cavaliers Nation. “He could make a claim, I didn’t say it would be accurate. Magic Johnson, it’s not even close.”

Frye chimed in, emphasizing Magic’s impressive stats, including being the only rookie to secure a Finals MVP, consistent MVP performances, and numerous championships. “Steph is that dude, but Steph ain’t that dude. He ain’t that. You ain’t him.”

Jefferson went a step further, asserting, “The gap between him and Magic is, in my opinion, further than the gap between Kobe and Jordan, in my opinion.”

Recently Jordan weighed in on the debate as well, saying that Johnson is above Curry.

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