Porzingis underestimated the force of his impact on Hartenstein


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

The season opener against the Celtics had its share of drama. Notably, the game witnessed two technical fouls for flopping, with both Jalen Brunson and Kristaps Porzingis earning one each.

The NBA’s crackdown on exaggerated movements by players was evident.

However, the most heated moment of the night revolved around an accidental elbow to the face of Isaiah Hartenstein.

The incident resulted in blood on the Knicks center’s lip and an additional technical foul issued to the Celtic involved in the play.

“I love it. The grit. That’s a part of the game,” Hartenstein said. “That’s where us as a team, we kind of like that grit.

“You look at us last year, we want to still keep it. I get elbowed in the face, I’m cool with that.”

Porzingis said he didn’t realize how hard he hit Hartenstein until seeing the blood and the replay.

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