Pep Claros on loss to Italy: “I hope this is a lesson we learn”


Photo: FIBA

On the 2023 FIBA World Cup opener, Angola faced a formidable challenge against Italy. Despite their efforts, Italy emerged victorious with a score of 81-67. This match showcased Angola’s resilience in the face of tough competition and set the tone for their journey in the tournament.

“We were mentally prepared to compete and did well. But once some problems appeared we became weaker. I hope this is a lesson we learn because this is a World Cup and you always have to finish strong – no matter what the score is. That is something we have to improve on,” Angola coach Pep Claros said.

“Part of offense and defense is character. And no matter what the score is, you have to show character. I think we lacked strong character in the final minutes. When you face a team that is better than you – which we all know, recognise and accept – it’s clear that the only way to win is to give more. To play harder and to never give up.”

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