Paul George recalls Kobe Bryant’s unapologetic response to breaking Roy Hibbert’s nose


Photo by Dean Bennett on Unsplash

Kobe Bryant was known for his unwavering determination and fearlessness on the court. A perfect illustration of his mentality comes from a memorable incident involving Roy Hibbert.

Paul George, who played alongside Hibbert for the Indiana Pacers, recently recounted the story on his podcast. It all began when Kobe inadvertently broke Hibbert’s nose with an elbow during a game. Hibbert, wearing a protective mask, approached Kobe, expecting a hint of remorse.

“Kob [Bryant] had broke Roy [Hibbert’s] nose,” George recalled. “Roy was wearing a mask. It came from an elbow from Kob. It was funny when he was telling it to me he asked Kob and when he went to Kob he was like a little kid thinking that Kob was going to be like ‘Oh, may bad, I’m sorry I did that.’ So he like ‘Kob, yo, you broke my nose, man.’”

With a stone-faced expression, Kobe’s response was anything but apologetic. “You should’ve got the f*ck out of the way then,” he calmly retorted, leaving no room for debate.

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