Paul George is convinced Anthony Edwards is the future of the NBA


Ever since Anthony Edwards put on Team USA’s jersey this summer, he’s been getting all kinds of praise from fans, experts and even fellow NBA stars. Some see a young Michael Jordan in him when representing the United States, while others believe he moves like Heat legend Dwayne Wade.

The truth is, his potential is undeniable, just like Paul George recently affirmed on his own podcast. In this week’s “Podcast P”, the Clippers star explained why he believes the rising star will be the future of the league in the coming years.

“It’s pretty special with who he’s becoming”, he highlighted how mature he’s been during the World Cup, leading the squad at just 22 years of age.

“To be ready at that age, at this stage, you’re putting him amongst the young stars he’s going to be competing with for the next 10 to 15 years. And now he’s becoming the alpha of them. That’s why I’m a big fan of him. Because I saw the star potential in him. I saw the star, the superstar, on and off the court.

“And he’s smooth. He knows how to use that athleticism the right way. That’s what I love about him. And it’s like finesse, I don’t have to punch on you, I’mma just go around you with this Euro. And then you forget, he can go upstairs with you too. That’s what’s scary,” George expressed.

The Clippers guard finally ended his case by calling Edwards the future: “That’s a special kid, man. He’s the future.”

Just last month, the rising star signed a five-year, $205.9 million rookie max extension in Minnesota, a deal that could potentially be worth as much as $260 million. This way, the Timberwolves have already secured their young athlete as his current contract comes to an end next summer.

“I’m humbled, appreciative and excited to remain in Minnesota as a part of this incredible Timberwolves organization. It’s amazing to see where hard work can take you,” Edwards said.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra can’t help but compare his moves to those of Dwayne Wade’s and also believes Edwards will one day dominate the NBA

Team USA has been concentrated together for the last month preparing themselves to conquer the current FIBA World Cup, and the coaching staff has had the opportunity to interact closely with other players apart from their own NBA rosters.

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, who is working as Steve Kerr’s assistant this international competition, was asked which player reminds him of Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade, and the veteran coach mentioned the Minnesota star. “We know who that is,” he said. “It’s hard not to look at Anthony Edwards and not see Dwyane Wade in him.”

“And I’m not a guy for comparisons. But the way he moves, the way he competes, the way he electrifies a crowd, that reminds me of No. 3. I have told Anthony that, and I feel like I’m going back in time,” Spoelstra explained.

The 22-year-old recently produced his best season yet, finishing sixth in points (1,946), third in steals (125), fourth in field goals (707), second in minutes played (2,842), 12th in defensive win shares (3.6), and second in turnovers (259).

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