Patrick Beverley: Very high chance of re-uniting with James Harden in Houston


Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

James Harden has an important decision to make this summer regarding his future. The 33-year-old superstar has player option for next year but it is rumored that he will opt out and go back to the Rockets.

Patrick Beverley fuelled these rumors even more. He became an unrestricted free agent this summer after finishing the year with the Bulls and seems to be headed to Houston as well.

“Very highly,” Beverley said when asked if he thinks that Harden will go back to Houston and if there is any chance of him reuniting with the former league MVP there.

“Very highly. That was one of my decisions when I got traded from the Lakers. Houston was… but they told me ‘Pat, we don’t need you right now. You might not play. We need you to mentor young guys.’ I still wanted to play.”

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