Patrick Beverley reacts to Damian Lillard trade to Bucks


Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

The NBA world was taken by surprise when the Milwaukee Bucks acquired Damian Lillard in a trade that involved star guard Jrue Holiday leaving the team.

One player who quickly shared his thoughts on the trade was Philadelphia 76ers point guard Patrick Beverley.

Beverley took to X to emphasize the significance of the Bucks losing Holiday in the trade, simply stating, “Losing Jrue is Big. That’s all imma say.”

The trade, which involved multiple players and picks, saw Lillard join the Bucks, Holiday head to the Portland Trail Blazers, and several other players changing teams.

Holiday, less than a day before the trade, had expressed his desire to stay in Milwaukee and had just won an NBA championship with the Bucks, making his departure a significant development for the team.

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